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Mission Statement

Mestizo Dance Company is dedicated to preserving, enriching, teaching and promoting  the  Colombian and Latin America art and culture through theatrical and educational performances.

The Company

Surging from the inquisitive and creative mind of  dancer/choreographer Armando Moreno , Mestizo Dance Comapany was founded in 1999 to develop a new style for the traditional rhythms of Hispanic culture, by presenting a showcase of their creativity and diversity, giving audiences yet another incentive to explore the beauty of our culture.  The company had its official debut with their musical group at Thalia Spanish Theatre in July 2002 and since then its annual season there has received a sold-out run getting rave reviews and the 2005 ACE AWARD from the Association Of Latin Entertainment Critics Of New York and the HOLA AWARD from the Hispanic Organization Of Latin Actors for BEST MUSICAL PRODUCTION.

The origin of the name of this company comes from Spanish America long ago where a “Mestizo” was a person whose parents were of different races, usually the mixture between a Spaniard and a native American.



“A panoramic theatrical view of Colombia”
“ The Mestizo Dance Company succeeds in expressing and transmitting to its audience the essence of each dance with singular mastery and beauty in its movements”.
El Diario La Prensa, New York

“ The Colombian Dance Company Mestizo succeeds in different activities throughout New York. It keeps the Colombian culture alive through its performances”.
The Resumen, New York

“ Top of the line folkloric dance group with fantasy costumes and sensational dancers”.
Noticias Del Mundo, New York

“ In sync and beautifully executed dance moves, are plentiful”.
Queens Tribune, New York

“A feast of scrumptious colors, delicious rhythms, and spicy kinetic energy.”
Backstage Magazine, New York

“ In a triumph of artistic excellence and culture expression. Generates the kind of electricity rarely achieved in folkloric presentations.”
Astoria Times, New York

“ The dance company and musicians of Ballet Mestizo put on a dynamic show, and neither audience nor performers hide their unabashed enjoyment”.
Attitude Magazine, New York

“ The energetic troupe blends the complexities

of Colombia into a hearty sancocho of colors, rhythms, and sounds.
Village Voice, New York